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Frequently asked question

1. Product

KOSmetica colorgel is a ultra hiding power waterborne acrylic paint for interiors/exteriors, architecture and art.

VERNICE products do not contain solvents and/or substances harmful to health.

VERNICE KOSmetica features a 10 sq.m./Liter mileage providing excellent hiding power properties when applied on duly prepared surfaces.

To find out how much VERNICE KOSmetica you need, you can use our calculator on the product page. You will need to enter the measurements of the room or wall you need to paint to find out the theoretical amount of product suggested for purchase.

Each screen has limitations in color representation, and the paint you receive may differ slightly from the one you chose when you placed your order. As a rule of thumb, consider that colors reproduced on screen tend to look "brighter" (due to screen light). To get a more realistic preview of color, try to use high-fidelity screens (preferring newer models of smartphones, computers, or TVs) and with the possibility of color calibration. Starting with the purchase of a 100ml. bucket of your color and a fun decorative VERNICE stencil is widely recommended.

For those who are undecided on which color to choose, we have available the Designer’s Capsule Collection and VERNICE collections categorized by color family. The SENSATIONS 2022/2023 Capsule Collection was designed by internationally renowned design futurist Shashi Caan.

Each color you receive will have a unique color code printed on the packaging’s label. Using this code during the order process will ensure that you receive the exact color you previously ordered.

VERNICE KOSmetica can be used for application by roller, brush or HVLP and/or airless airbrush (in these two cases it must be diluted with a minimum of 10% water and in any case in relation to the performance and diameters of the nozzles used). Other useful tools are a drip tray, an extendable handle for the roller, and a protective sheet to mask the environment. In our online store you will find specific primary tools available for purchase.

VERNICE KOSmetica is manufactured On Demand in the colors represented in the purchase options menu.

In most cases it will not be necessary to apply a fixative before using VERNICE KOSmetica. In the case of new, absorbent, or dusty surfaces, it is advisable to use VERNICE Fixative covenient in our online store. If you have any doubts about a specific case, we advise you to consult the product data sheet or application manual.

VERNICE KOSmetica colorgel finish is super washable and does not need to be overcoated with a protective clear topcoat.

VERNICE KOSmetica is ready-to-use, so for roller and brush application it does not need to be thinned. In case of application with HVLP and/or Airless airbrushes, a minimum dilution of 10% with water only is recommended.

VERNICE KOSmetica is suitable as a decorative finish for applications on walls and ceilings, gibson board, wood, and iron. On all new, never painted surfaces such as wall and plasterboard, where you intervene with the first painting, we recommend applying one coat of VERNICE Fixative and two coats of VERNICE KOSmetica.

VERNICE KOSmetica can also be used on outdoor wall surfaces. In this case, it is advisable to treat the surface with specific preparation primers.

VERNICE KOSmetica is formulated with specific agents such as silver ions and anti-mold additives that protect walls from germs, bacteria and viruses. However, mold stains that are already present should be treated and removed beforehand with specific cleaners or disinfectants.

It depends very much on the type of surface to be painted, but in most cases, it is sufficient to apply one coat of VERNICE KOSmetica. On new surfaces, with spots, grout of any kind, or very intense colors it may be necessary to apply 2 coats.

On average, it is sufficient to wait 6 to 8 hours, depending on environmental temperature and relative humidity.

VERNICE KOSmetica is a washable and disinfectable paint with neutral and mild detergents. However, stains from coffee, tomato, high penetration markers may be very difficult to remove. In these cases, touch-ups may be necessary, trying to gently blur the area affected by the stain.

2. Delivery

Currently, we ship to Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the U.S.

As we try to get your order to you as soon as possible, we only allow you to change your order up to 15 minutes after it has been sent. If you go beyond that, it is possible that your order is already being processed. Please contact us by e-mail at

The prepared product will be delivered to the shipper within 24-48 hours after the order has been placed.

It depends on the type of shipment chosen and the country of destination. You will however be able to get an estimate of the shipping time when you check out, before confirming your order.

It depends on the type of shipment chosen, the total weight of the products selected and the country of destination. These are several variables, which is why you will be informed of the exact figure, during check-out, before confirming your purchase.

Yes, you will receive an email with the tracking code from our shipping agent after your products have been delivered.

Within 30 minutes of placing your order you can inform us of a change in your delivery address by contacting us at For any subsequent changes, please contact the forwarding agent.

Our forwarder provides pick-up points. Find the nearest one (click here: UPS Pick-up Points)

VERNICE's philosophy is based on an ON DEMAND system in which we only produce the color and quantity ordered by the individual customer, at the time they need it, for their personal project. This level of customization helps to avoid waste, unused quantities of VERNICE, safeguarding the environment in which we live and consuming only the strictly necessary resources. Unfortunately, since these are CUSTOM and non-resaleable orders, made for the individual customer, we cannot accept returns unless there is a problem in the production of the color, in which case our normal return policy applies. This policy applies to all colors produced by VERNICE, in any format.

Remember that the digital color you see on the screens may vary from the actual color of the paint applied to the wall or other support exposed to natural light or under artificial light sources. Monitors combine red, green and blue (RGB) colored light to display colors and we provide you with the chosen color in relation to this reference. Digital colors are the colors of synthetic light, unlike physical pigmented paints that absorb and reflect ambient light. For this reason, we always recommend that you start by producing and ordering 100 ml of Varnish, so that you can be sure that the color you order is the one you actually want. If you think it is an error in the delivery of the color on our part, please contact us at so that we can solve the problem together.

When you receive your package, please check if it is damaged before accepting it. In that case, we advise you not to accept it or to inform the carrier of the damage. If you are not sure, we advise you to sign the acceptance with reservation.

We accept a large number of the most common digital payment methods, in addition to bank transfer. Cash on delivery is not accepted.

When placing your order, you will have to select the invoice request and enter your billing information.

For any questions about your order you can contact us at

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