Boudoir Project

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Boudoir or 'room where one retreats to sulk'?
From this half-physical, half-architectural concept comes the idea of this private, personal sofa, customisable in shape, colour and materials.

A unique handcrafted piece, for one's personal pleasure, not necessarily to be shared.

Designed in 2022 for MDMA by Maurizio Di Mauro and produced strictly by hand by Paolo Nesi srl, upholsterers since 1953, Boudoir was impeccably portrayed by Lorenzo Frazi's eye in an environment 'lined' in VERNICE KOSmetica paint in the custom colour 'smoke grey from London'.
It is a very complex thing - in the contemporary dimension of everything in abundance - to identify, choose and recognise the harmonious solution between subject and object even in the context of an interior design project, be it residential or commercial.

To furnish or to ennoble an interior? This is not a dilemma, but an opportunity that nevertheless requires a genuine research process in the design playground.

We found that 'je ne sais quoi' in the Boudoir project that seduced us, impassioned us and pushed us to manufacture a tailor-made colour, a dedicated vertical skin-fabric. After all, in VERNICE we like to think of colour in a figurative sense and not only in a physical form, a colour that comes from the recognition of individual creative spirit, imagination, beauty; to each his own.
"There is no colour, only coloured materials" said Dubuffet; VERNICE is the world of colour to be created and manufactured from scratch rather than re-produced with spectrophotometric fidelity to Pantone®. The re-productive form -colour matching- defines the appearance but not the substance, while the original figurative form -colour creation- stimulates the subjective relationship between colour and matter.

Maurizio Di Mauro's Boudoir for MDMA deserved this chromatic attention with the development of an ad hoc VERNICE KOSmetica colour, ensuring high technological and performance characteristics, ease of use and environmental sustainability.

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