Architecture and interior design in sustainable tourism

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In recent years, the tourism industry has increasingly embraced the importance of sustainability and professional ethics. Soft Tourism, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism, organized a webinar aimed at architects who wish to acquire specialized skills in the field of engineering and interior design, with a specific focus on tourism. In this context, VERNICE played a prominent role, presenting its project and high quality On-Demand painting offer. The speech by Gianluca Vernizzi, Director Business Developer at VERNICE, attracted great interest and emphasized the company's ability to combine creativity, technical expertise and sustainability within its design processes.

Sustainability as a strategic goal

The webinar organized by Soft Tourism highlighted the importance of integrating sustainability into tourism-related architecture and interior design projects. VERNICE stood out for its commitment to sustainable processes, offering innovative and creative solutions. The company presented functional tools that enable architects to focus on the strategic goals underlying the Soft Tourism concept, promoting professional ethics and contributing to the creation of a virtuous network of expertise.

High-quality painting On Demand:

One of VERNICE's main offerings that attracted great interest in the webinar was high quality painting On Demand. With this innovative solution, architects can obtain customized, high-quality colors based on the specific needs of their projects. VERNICE provides a wide range of pigments and finishes, allowing unprecedented creative freedom. The On-Demand approach ensures maximum flexibility and reduces material waste, thus contributing to environmental sustainability.

Through collaboration with architects, designers and industry professionals, VERNICE is committed to enhancing the creative and technical potential of each project, contributing to innovative and sustainable solutions

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