VERNICE Workshop: Bangkok

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Last August, VERNICE offered a unique opportunity for young Thai artists to experience a preview of innovative waterborne acrylic paint. As part of the VERNICE Color Workshop in Bangkok, participants had the chance to create their own artworks using VERNICE's technology to select and create custom colors. This event demonstrated the creative potential and effectiveness of VERNICE painting in artistic expression, raising awareness and enthusiasm within the Thai art community.

Custom acrylic painting

The VERNICE Color Workshop was an opportunity for young artists to experiment with high-quality, customized acrylic painting. Using VERNICE's technology, participants were able to create their own colors on demand, choosing from a wide range of pigments and finishes. VERNICE paint proved to be highly effective for creating artwork, offering vibrant color rendition and optimal texture for all surfaces. 

The VERNICE Color Workshop offered young Thai artists an extraordinary experience, allowing them to explore their creativity through custom painting and the ability to create custom paint from just 100 ml of product. VERNICE On Demand technology has proven to be a significant innovation in the field of visual arts, offering an infinite range of color possibilities. The flexibility offered by VERNICE technology has opened new creative doors and stimulated the imagination of participating artists.

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