VERNICE Workshop: Accademia di Belle Arti Venezia

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The Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice hosted one of VERNICE's workshops, dedicated to students in the decoration course. During this extraordinary day, students had the opportunity to try and experiment with the acrylic colors offered by VERNICE. What made this event so special was the energy and creativity of the participants, who were ready to discover new artistic possibilities on every kind of surface imaginable.

From concrete to plaster, canvas to cardboard, photo paper to plastic...students experimented with acrylic paints on all kinds of surfaces. The goal was to push the limits of their creativity by letting VERNICE colors come to life under their skilled hands.

They created extraordinary works of art on unusual surfaces, testing the versatility of the products. Experimentation was key to the workshop participants' inspiration.

The students dared to combine VERNICE acrylic colors in innovative ways, creating new shades and textures. They played with the density and transparency of the colors to achieve unique effects. This experimental approach led to the discovery of new artistic perspectives of VERNICE colors, stimulating everyone's creativity.

The initiative demonstrated the importance of opening new horizons in decoration and painting, encouraging experimentation and creative use of acrylic colors.

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