VERNICE Workshop: Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna

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Students in the painting course at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna had an exciting experience during the recent workshop organized by VERNICE. This workshop was a unique opportunity for the Academy artists to immerse themselves in the world of colors, experiencing the incredible shades and performance offered by VERNICE colors.

The goal of the workshop was to allow students to discover the quality of VERNICE colors in a stimulating and creative learning environment.

During the workshop day, students were introduced to the different peculiarities of VERNICE: the features of KOSmetica paint, high coverage, On Demand production and creating a custom color... Most importantly, they expressed their own emotions and ideas through the colors we provided.

VERNICE is committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of artists by offering high-quality products that allow them to express their creativity authentically and without limits.

We look forward to seeing the exceptional works of art that these talented students will produce throughout their careers with the help of VERNICE colors.

“We support education and creative design making for new generations’ colorful horizons.”

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