Painting the bedroom: 7 trendy ideas in 2023

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Before painting the bedroom it is best to think carefully about the colors and effects you want to achieve, but also about the best type of paint for this particular room.

The options are really many, which is why we decided to publish this article in which you will find a number of useful tips and ideas for creating a room that suits your taste and allows you to rest peacefully every night.

How to choose the painting of a modern bedroom

The choice of paint should be guided by the characteristics of the room, how much time you spend and what you do inside it. For this reason, when choosing paint for your modern bedroom, you should consider that you spend at least 6 to 8 hours there while sleeping. 

Walls painted with the wrong product can be breeding grounds for dust mites, germs and bacteria, as well as mold and whatnot.

Therefore, the most suitable paints for the bedroom are those that are self-protecting against these harmful elements, i.e., paints that are disinfectable, mildew-resistant, stainable and washable. If, on the other hand, you opt for medium-quality products lacking the above characteristics, such as tempera, breathable or non-washable you should know that they are very absorbent and, as a result, can become receptacles for pathogenic microorganisms. 

When you are about to buy bedroom paint think about how important it is to sleep in a room with healthy, as well as beautiful, walls.

How you can paint the bedroom two colors

Painting the bedroom in two colors has now become synonymous with personalizing and enhancing the room itself, so the advice we can give you is to choose two coordinating colors or two complementary colors, possibly one very bold and the second lighter.

The most modern combination involves two-tone painting with the following scheme:

  • Darker color in the wall behind the headboard;
  • Lighter color in the other three walls;
  • White ceiling to give light.

Also remember to choose color shades that match the bedroom decor.

Moving on to the technical aspects, you must first repair any imperfections on the walls and protect the floor, baseboards, objects and furniture in the room with tape and cloths.

The critical points in this design are the lines where the different colors come into contact, and these must be precise, sharp, and without smudging. To get a good result you can mark the border between one color and another with tape, remembering to remove it when the paint is dry.

7 bedroom painting ideas

If you still don't know what color to paint your bedroom, get inspired by this year's interior design trends.

  1. Dove grey and beige: the trendiest bedroom wall colors

Dove grey and beige are definitely trendy colors for bedroom walls. They are neutral and soft shades that can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room. In addition, they are easy to combine with other colors and materials to create a personalized and fashionable look.

Dove grey is a gray-brown shade, often associated with nature and the earth, which can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom. Beige, on the other hand, is a light brown shade that can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.

Both colors are very versatile and can be used as a basis for creating a variety of styles, from minimalist style to rustic-chic style.

  1. Pastel colors for a cool and serene environment

Pastel colors are trendy for bedroom walls because they create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the room. These soft and delicate colors are associated with spring and summer and can evoke feelings of freshness, serenity and lightness.

Pastel shades such as powder pink, mint green, light blue, and pale yellow are very popular for bedroom walls because they create a soft, relaxing atmosphere. They can be used on one or more walls to create a focal point or on all walls to create a uniform and cozy atmosphere.

In addition, pastel colors are very versatile and can be paired with neutral tones or darker shades to create a personalized and fashionable style.

  1. Blue of different shades: versatility, style and relaxation

Blue is a color that evokes a feeling of calm and serenity, making it particularly suitable for creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the room where you sleep. In addition, it is a versatile color that pairs well with a wide range of materials and shades, allowing you to create different styles and looks for your bedroom.

You can choose from a variety of shades, from midnight blue to powder blue, grey blue and aqua blue, identifying the one that best suits your taste and style.

Finally, blue is a color that lends itself to different interpretations and combinations with other colors, for example, you can pair it with neutral shades for a fresh and bright look, or with darker shades for a more intense and elegant look.

  1. Hues reminiscent of nature

Natural colors, such as green, brown, beige, and gray, are associated with earth, vegetation, and rocks, and can create a cozy and reassuring atmosphere in the bedroom.

These hues go well with the quality materials from which furniture and furnishings are made, e.g., wood, glass, metals, fabrics.

In addition, they are trendy because they reflect the growing interest in a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature.

  1. Color contrasts to give character to the environment

If you want to be original and like to be daring, you can create a bold color contrast on your bedroom walls by using opposite hues on the color wheel. For example, you can combine blue with yellow, purple with green or red with mint green.

These combinations return a strong visual impact and can add energy to your bedroom, so consider carefully whether it may be the right choice. Perhaps test it out on a small portion of the wall and look at it a few days later to see if it really convinces you.

  1. Shades of gray, even on a single wall 

Shades of gray are often chosen to paint the entire bedroom or a single wall because they create a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

The range of grays is wide, from very light to extremely dark, so you can choose to combine two or more shades to create a finely decorated wall.

Gray is a popular choice for the bedroom because it is a very versatile color, allowing you to create both imaginative and subtle environments. It is perfect for creating a minimalist and contemporary feel, or for highlighting a more classic and sophisticated look.

Do not underestimate the fact that shades of gray evoke a feeling of calm and restraint in the room, making it especially suitable for the bedroom. 

  1. The good old classic white 

Painting the bedroom with white is the best choice if you don't like to be daring or if you fear that richer colors may make you tired over time.

White gives brightness and spaciousness to the environment, so it is particularly good if the room is not very large or filters a lot of light from outside, and it is a unblemished canvas on which you can unleash your style and creativity through the placement of paintings, curtains, furniture and knick-knacks that you love.

Painting the hallway: which color to choose and why

The hallway is usually narrow, with little furniture and not always equipped with windows or skylights that let in the sun. If yours is like that too, I recommend you choose a light-colored paint, you can also opt for total white, so you get an enlightening and widening effect.

If you want to impress, however, you can choose bright colors and combine them with lighting designed specifically to make people exclaim "wow."

to paint the hallway in dark shades that suggest elegance and austerity, you need to make sure that there is sufficient lighting, natural and artificial, to avoid a gloomy and unpleasant feeling.

Painting the children's bedroom: useful tips 

To paint the children's bedroom you may decide to follow one of the following approaches:

  1. Use "baby" materials and colors to replace them in the future when they grow up;
  2. Choose more neutral, quality materials and colors designed to last.

In any case, we recommend that you paint the children's bedroom brightly but without overdoing it so that the effect is joyful but not too childish.

UAnother route you could take is to choose a predominant color with a soothing effect for this room and perhaps intervene with a more stimulating hue on only one wall..

For painting, our recommendation is to resort to a product similar to a hydro-glaze, that is, a more durable and washable paint than regular breathable paints or chalky temperas.

Do you want to paint the bedroom and get an excellent result? Discover VERNICE and create custom colors for your walls.

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