New Armonies at the table: workshop at

1 min to read, a design school of the Milan Polytechnic, is known for its constant search for new forms of artistic expression and innovative design. Recently, an exciting workshop entitled "NEW ARMONIES AT THE TABLE. Colors and flavours" caught the students' attention.

VERNICE collaborated on this workshop, offering students in the Specializing Master Premium Design Management program a unique opportunity to use painting to depict dishes typical of their homelands in a creative and sensory experience.

Connection between art and food

The workshop took place in a creative space within Polidesign, where the four groups of students found a wide selection of high-quality paints provided by VERNICE.

After a brief introduction on the expressive possibilities that VERNICE's On Demand color creation can provide, participants began to explore their own creativity. They were encouraged to carefully observe the colors, shapes and details of the dishes they had chosen to represent. Next, they selected the corresponding colors from the wide range of paints available.

Students had the opportunity to share their stories during the creative process, to use colors to combine the sense of sight with the tastes, flavors and colors of the dishes to be represented. They discussed the cultural influences and personal experiences that had shaped their preferences.

The workshop "NEW HARMONIES AT THE TABLE. Colors and flavours" at at Milan Polytechnic provided students with a unique experience to explore the connection between visual art and gastronomy. Using paints provided by VERNICE, students transformed the traditional dishes of their lands into works of visual art, creating a fusion of colors and flavors.

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