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Making its market debut this year, VERNICE is excitedly presenting three international collaborations in the design market during Salone del Mobile 2023. The first collaboration will be presented with the exclusive event, titled "Very Nice New Crazy Colors," to be held on April 16 at BERTONE Design & New Crazy Colors headquarters in Monza. 

The collaboration between BERTONE Design and VERNICE focuses on the innovative use of VERNICE KOSmetica On Demand, a water-based, silver ion colorgel for the cosmetic treatment of architectural surfaces. This product is particularly suitable for sectors such as retail, visual merchandising, hospitality, commercial, and residential, which require a wide range of customized colors with high aesthetic quality and functionality, while respecting the environment and users' health.

VERNICE is distinguished by its digital factory, which offers innovative tools for color customization. Through the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers, customers can create their own desired color from as little as 100 ml of product. This customization capability makes VERNICE an ideal choice for those seeking a unique solution tailored to their needs.

During the "Very Nice New Crazy Colors" event, VERNICE's revolutionary zero-energy air purifiers (operating without electricity), known as VERNICEAIR . will be previewed. These air purifiers, presented in a limited edition with the "Transcendence" collection created by internationally renowned artist Tawatchai Somkong, are made using special VERNICE sustainable colors and a filter composed of the world's first nano-fabric, theBreath® by Anemotech. This filter can absorb and break down harmful particulate matter in the air, returning clean air to the surrounding environment. The VERNICEAIR purifiers displayed during the event are 70x70 cm in size and can serve an indoor environment of 12m². With their ability to trap organisms, pollutant particles and absorb unpleasant odors and harmful gases, VERNICEAIR purifiers help improve indoor air quality, thereby promoting people's well-being and health.

The "Very Nice New Crazy Colors" event is a unique opportunity for design enthusiasts, industry professionals and visitors to Salone del Mobile 2023 and Fuorisalone to discover the innovation and creativity that characterize VERNICE's Made in Italy collaborations.

This partnership with BERTONE Design and the launch of Tawatchai Somkong's "Transcendence" collection highlight VERNICE's commitment to providing aesthetically appealing, functional and environmentally friendly solutions for a wide range of applications.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend this unique event and discover the excellence of Italian design combined with the technological innovation of VERNICE. You are invited to experience the magic of colors and the importance of air quality in the environments we inhabit and frequent.

Discover the other two international collaborations in the design market presented during Salone del Mobile 2023:

  • VERNICEAIR theBreath® inside
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