Holistic Color

Holistic Color

The genesis of VERNICE, fabbrica il tuo colore, lives in its development model the continuous practice that its creative director and composer, Gianluca Vernizzi, has exercised in the field of contemporary painting. Partly evidence of self-mimesis, partly evidence of experimental invention, one could say that for Vernizzi, works of art function as artistic physical exercises in themselves, or as ultimate and ephemeral gestures. Over the past three years, the various paths of his research have led to unprecedented discoveries in the application of the hybrid water-based acrylic colour VERNICE on functional materials of various chemical-physical nature.

His immersion in the alchemy of holistic colour allowed him to expand his painting practice in the direction of rigorous and vibrant painting in order to develop an innovative spatial technology of colour, combining art and design.

The painter-entrepreneur convergence radically influenced the way and method of thinking about PAINT colour not as a mere decorative solution of physical space, but as a unified system for a transformative evolution of surfaces. As an artist, he conceptualises the central theme of ephemerality and disinterested transitions using the avant-garde of multiple aqueous phase VERNICE colours and nano-composite materials in combination with traditional media such as, oil paints and organic inks.

As an entrepreneur he historically metabolises the artist's experience to translate the redefinition of colour and its regenerative powers into a chromatic functionality in relation to which the VERNICE brand becomes the contemporary development platform for the production of water-based hybrid acrylic paints with unprecedented eco-sustainable characteristics.

This practical, sensorial and design dualism determines in Vernizzi the awareness that an ancient art, such as painting, continues to re-generate in its compositional experimentation new dynamics of relationship and recognition between man and environment. His painting manifests itself loosely and luminously, as a material and visual paradigm capable of giving a new cosmetic quality to colour, that of being both dye and skin.

Vernizzi's three years of applied experimentation with VERNICE hybrid acrylic colours were shared at the Matdot Art Center in Bangkok for the performance initiative:

Vernice Color Workshop

7 August 2022 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The workshop was conceived and coordinated by Gianluca Vernizzi (Creative director), Marco Mango (events creator & communication manager) and Phed Niyomsilp (Urban Architect + BizD expert VP of Business Development / ASIA)


Palut Marod, Nawat Lertsawaengkit, Terdtanwa Kanama, Tiwthud Kanama, Pobaja.

The 5 visual artists used VERNICE, a water-based hybrid acrylic.

The simultaneous live painting performance in a dedicated room of the Matdot Art Centre was experienced by each artist in composing a series of canvases that highlighted the characteristics of VERNICE as an innovative water-based hybrid acrylic with great performance for painting.

This first international workshop demonstrated and reaffirmed the quality of the product which, as a practice and use, is ideal for the world of fine arts. For painting.

The five artists highlighted the following technical and product features:

1. VERNICE changes very little in tone between wet and dry, compared to other acrylics the difference is significant.
2. Its composition means that the colours do not mix with each other and do not blend immediately, maintaining an individual colour distinction for a long time.
3. Once the package is opened, the time is such that there is room for corrections and adjustments during application.
4. Excellent coverage compared to interior wall paints and acrylics for visual artists.


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